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Sales & service contacts.

Luthi Machinery Company’s world headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Pueblo, Colorado, USA. International sales and service offices are in Bangkok, Thailand.

North America

Centennial, Colorado

Robb Morris
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Email: sales@luthi.com

Telephone: +1 720-750-6112
Harry Chang
Title: Director of Sales & Service

Email: harry.chang@luthi.com

Telephone: +1 720-750-6112 ext. 601
Nikki DeWitt
Title: Lease Administrator

Email: nikki.dewitt@atlaspacific.com

Telephone: +1 720 750 6112 Ext 700
Customer Service
Title: Customer Service

Email: LuthiOrdersMailbox@luthi.com

Telephone: +1 720-750-6112 Ext 701

Los Angeles, California

Miguel Rodriguez
Title: Service Representative

Email: miguel.rodriguez@luthi.com

Telephone: +1 719-214-0529

Savannah, Georgia

Daniel Rosas
Title: Sales and Service

Email: daniel.rosas@luthi.com

Telephone: +1 787-397-2494


Edgar Azurdia
Title: Service Contractor- Guatemala

Email: edgar.azurdia@luthi.com

Telephone: +1 813-810-1110


Milan, Italy

Victoria Giardinelli
Title: European Lease Administrator

Email: victoria.giardinelli@luthi.com

Telephone:  +39 023 800 5999


Sergio Nieto Garcia
Title: Technical Representative

Email: sergio.nieto@luthi.com

Telephone: +34 661693725
Daniel Olveira Nieto
Title: Technical Representative

Telephone: +34 657448293


Bangkok, Thailand

Namon Butrattana
Title: Regional Manager-Asia Pacific

Email: namon.butrattana@luthi.com

Telephone: +6681 9014165
Supot Sangsri
Title: Service Supervisor

Email: supot.sangsri@luthi.com

Telephone: +6689 4492983


Carmelito T. (Jun) Cruz Jr.
Title: Regional Manager - Pacific Islands

Email: jun.cruz@luthi.com

Telephone: +63 918 923 6125

South Pacific

American Samoa

Geoffrey Arce
Title: Service Representative - American Samoa

Email: geoffrey.arce@luthi.com

Telephone: +1 684 258 2393